About the Blog

: I’m Jennie.  I’m a lawyer, small business owner, and writer from San Francisco.

“Frolic & detour” is a legal term that sounds much more fun than it really is (like all of law school).  Related: “touching and concerning.”

My favorite hobbies – the focus of this blog – are cooking, crafting, and exploring San Francisco (well, anywhere, really).  I also love reading, bargain shopping, vintage fashion (practically a requirement if you’re going to live here), 49ers football, vintage Barbies, the color turquoise, craft beer, and fancy cocktails.  I go to concerts when I can afford ’em (I was four feet from Bono, omg!).

In my former life, I was a history major who specialized in medieval resurrection symbolism (including tomb sculpture, execution, and alchemy) and I am still known to screech in delight when I see something related to or from my studies, even if it has to do with the execution part.  I am probably the only certified transi tomb fangirl.  When I win the lottery, I’ll go get my PhD.

San Francisco sunset — Golden Gate Bridge, Nov. 2012

My cooking background & philosophy: I am the granddaughter of a butcher, and the grand-niece/great-granddaughter of bakers who taught classes at City College and/or owned a bakery in San Francisco’s Richmond District.  My mother and grandmother taught me basic cooking and baking skills when I was little, but as an adult, I am mostly self-taught, from blogs, Epicurious, Bon Appetit, and various cookbooks/websites.  I have probably been cooking for my family and others for at least 20 years now, and nearly every day for the last 10.  Let me stress that I don’t know everything, so I welcome expertise and different points of view/techniques/resources.

c/o Stealthypoo – Apparently baking is Serious Business.

I have a tiny kitchen and a moderate budget, so I do my best to put relatively healthy, whole foods on the table without spending a crapload of money.  (Technical term.)  I am great at time-management, thanks to my mother, but I am absolutely terrible at letting anyone share my kitchen space, which is why my +1 is practically banned from the area (but not before I took his Shun knives and All Clad cookware).

I don’t worry too much about recipes with tons of butter and heavy cream, because a) I am German, it’s a family tradition, and b) I try to make sure my +1 and I have a balanced selection of fatty and healthy food.  I mean, really, taking the Bar exam was and continues to be worse for my health than anything I ever ate.  Not to discourage any future lawyers!  It’s a noble profession!

Contact me: Feel free to leave a comment.  I am more than happy to respond on this site or via email, whether it is about cooking or law school or history or, well, anything.  If I can help, I will certainly try. Thanks for visiting!


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