Wait, 2014 already?

All of a sudden, two months have slipped by and I am writing rent checks with “2014” as the date. How did this happen?

Everyone says it — life has been crazy.  Pleasantly crazy, to be sure, but crazy.  Here’s what has been keeping me busy:

I started writing for Forever Young Adult.


The talented and funny ladies (and gentleman) of Forever Young Adult have allowed me to step on board and start writing for them! I have been running the San Francisco chapter of the international FYA book club for two years now, but in September I started out writing with a Vampire Diaries-related post.  In October I started recapping The Originals, and now I am writing book reviews, too.  FYA kept me entertained throughout law school, so getting to write for their site (which is geared at adults who enjoy young adult literature, tv, and movies) has been awesome.

In the same vein, FYA book club activities have been snowballing into a situation where my dance card always seems to be full, and I have no complaints whatsoever.  We’ve got a clothing swap coming up, as well as a visit to Booksmith’s Shipwreck!, and just had an epic New Year cocktail party.  Look for a “my book club is awesomer than your book club” post on FYA on January 20th (she says, with tongue firmly in cheek).  If you’re in the Bay Area and want to join a community of smart, funny people who love YA literature as well as enjoying San Francisco, join us!

My jewelry business has been picking up steam.

In December, Iris Elise Jewelry was accepted to two shows here in San Francisco: the SF Etsy Indie Emporium at All Good Pizza, which was fantastic, and a smaller show at the San Francisco Zoo’s nighttime program, Zoo Lights.  It was terrifying — I haven’t done any craft shows since I was a kid — but really gratifying.  Thanks to SF Etsy’s incredibly helpful community, I walked into my first show having a really excellent idea of what to do and what to expect.  Their social media promotion was equally fantastic!  I was also pleased and surprised to see that people really seemed to be responding to the stuff I make, which is, let’s face it, all based on my personal taste.  So nice to know that other people like what I love to do! I can’t thank the members of SF Etsy enough, and I hope there will be more team shows in the future.  This is all aside from the fact that I was completely in awe of what all the other vendors produced.  This is a seriously talented bunch.

Thanks to my mom, some considerable coupon strategy, and my friend Susan from Made In The Haight, I was able to cobble together a display for under $20.

Adam has been remarkably patient with me spreading my beads out all over the living room floor (and ignoring the dishes in favor of doing so), too.

I hosted Thxgiving again.

Due to my refusal to self-edit, I ended up making around nine dishes for 12-13 people.  It was a blast, but it took a month to finish the dishes.  I will never learn.

I’ve even been cooking and crafting!

I just haven’t had the wherewithal to photograph and post about it.  Besides all the jewelry-making, prior to Thxgiving, I made this felt flower wreath (and change out the decor for each holiday or season).  Right now, it’s in 49ers colors.  OBVIOUSLY.

I hope to post a tutorial about how to make it, sometime soon!  It’s remarkably easy and inexpensive.

For stocking stuffers this year, I made bacon salt and wine-herb salt.  When I visited my mom’s house, we tried our hand at Meyer lemon limoncello with her delicious lemons.

Finally, I got a lovely Lodge dutch oven for Christmas, so I’ve been making no-knead bread, roasting chickens, and braising like a fiend.  I finally get the dutch oven love!

Happy 2014! I’ll be making my best effort to post more frequently.




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