DIY felt flowers — make a last-minute holiday gift!

You might have realized that the holidays are upon us (depending on which, if any, you celebrate) and you might also have realized that time is running out to get gifts squared away.  Here’s my solution for some of the folks on my gift list: DIY felt flower pins/magnets.  There are a ton of felt flower tutorials on the web; this is my take on them.

The materials are inexpensive, they’re a relatively quick project, and they add a bit of retro, sparkly cheer to one’s lapel or scarf.    I kept the second from left for myself, and when it’s not on my coat, I keep it on my desk just to look at it.  (Let’s be honest, though, I like to stare at sparkly things in general.)

You will need:

  • Felt (a yard will make several flowers)
  • Buttons, earrings, or other baubles for the center
  • Hot glue gun (I used low-temp)
  • Pin or magnet backings

For the chrysanthemum/daisy flowers, I used this tutorial.  After gluing the felt base together, I simply pushed the “petals” back into a shape I liked, aiming to get an even distribution, and glued the center in place.  Add a pin back on the base, and you’re done!

For the pansy/iris/orchid shape (they seem to turn out differently every time, which I enjoy) I used this pattern — but only the outside.  After gluing the petal halves together, I gathered the petals and arranged them in the way that looked best to me, then glued those together.  Finally, add the center to the front and the pin backing to the back.  Depending on your flower shape, you may need to play with pin back positions before gluing it — you don’t want the sparkly center pointing at the ground!

I think that these would also make great holiday ornaments — not that I have a particularly girly, sparkly tree or anything…



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