Black pearls and crystals: handmade necklace + gifted bracelet set


Update: a similar necklace is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

Last Christmas, someone gave me a set of lovely black pearl and crystal bracelets – three elastic bracelets that stack together.  I’ve worn them many times since, each time wishing I had a matching necklace.  The black pearls are beautifully iridescent, and the crystals interspersed throughout give the bracelets a lot of sparkle.

I recently read a book, The Four Ms. Bradwells, in which the characters all wear a black pearl necklace owned by one woman’s mother.  I kept longingly looking at my bracelets, wanting my own necklace (not to mention a Supreme Court appointment, but that’s beside the point).

This week, Michael’s craft store had a 40% off sale on beads, so I was able to make the matching necklace a reality without blowing my currently-meager budget.  For approximately $7, I got enough pearls and crystal beads to make a double-strand necklace that is an almost-perfect match for these bracelets.  I already owned the clasp, tiger tail, and seed beads used to make the finished product.

The black pearls are strung in sets of six, with a crystal separating the sets.  Like the bracelets, I used an iridescent seed bead to space all of the beads.  For the shorter strand, I used seven sets of six, and for the longer, eight.  It hangs nicely, just on the collarbone.

I dread the inevitable google referrals for "pearl necklace."

Overall, I’m quite happy with this project.  Pictures do not do justice to how it sparkles and shines – and I am a sucker for anything sparkly – but it is still subdued enough to wear to your Supreme Court confirmation hearing.


4 responses to “Black pearls and crystals: handmade necklace + gifted bracelet set

    • Yeah, white ones seem more formal – I have a strand of white pearls from my great-grandmother that I wear to court and on special occasions, and I like freshwater pearls for every day, but I like black pearls because of all the iridescence. 🙂

      And of course, if you ever want my humble accessory thoughts, let me know. 😀 I do like my jewelry/shoes/handbags/hair things…

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