Herbed Ricotta Tart, and the least fussy tart dough I’ve ever made

I thoroughly enjoy David Lebovitz, even though I look at his photos and Twitter feed, wondering why I’m not in France, sailing through farmers’ markets and drinking French wine.  C’est la vie (she says grouchily).

Francophilia aside, I love a good savory tart.  They look fancier than they should, given the fairly easy skill level, so it’s a great option for a weeknight dinner (“Hey, significant other, look at what I did for you!  Now, how about that pony?”) or a brunch.  Once the crust is made, finishing the tart is a matter of combining a few ingredients — perhaps not even precisely, gasp — and baking.

Easy as pie, except easier, because I don’t necessarily find pie crust to be easy…

This tart is remarkable because the tart dough is the least fussy I have ever had the pleasure to make.  It came together in minutes, it did not require precision, it rolled out and par-baked beautifully, but most importantly: it did not shrink in the oven.  It didn’t crack!  It didn’t taunt me by making a mockery of my work.

 When following the recipe for the tart dough, omit the sugar for the savory crust.  I used the oil from some marinated mozzarella I had on hand (basically herbed olive oil).  You can refrigerate the par-baked crust overnight, if you have company coming over, or you can proceed straight to making the tart itself.

The tart itself is quite simple: herbs, ricotta, milk, eggs, bacon (Mr. Leibovitz used chorizo, but not being a fan, I opted for bacon.  It could easily be left out or substituted for something vegetarian).  My tart included rosemary and tarragon with green onions; his used spring onions and thyme.   It pairs perfectly alongside all the fresh summer vegetables available now, and a good glass of white wine or a saison (my current favorite).

Special equipment required: a 9″ removable bottom tart pan.

Give it a try the next time you aim to impress — or just want a few days’ worth of shameless solo tart-eating.


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