DIY Glitter Flats

You looked so sharp when you were new.

Dear Shiny Patent Black Flats from Target: How I loved you, for awhile.  You got me through many court appearances where I stood in front of the mirror at 5:30am, ready to commute to another county, unable to imagine wearing heels.  You could be casual or you could be professional.  You saw me through a lot, but then your toes went and committed patent leather suicide, and I couldn’t wear you anymore.

Not cool.

Still, I couldn’t bear to let go, because I loved you more than most small children and tiny fuzzy animals.  I’ll never let go, Jack.

Finding a comfortable new pair of black flats is still on the agenda, and I was bitterly disappointed that Target doesn’t carry this style anymore.  They are just that comfortable.

Then I remembered this tutorial.   I could fix them!  I didn’t know whether I wanted to fix just the toes or glitter the entire shoe, save for the twisted part across the top, but I figured I would start with the toes and see what they looked like.

All you need is Mod Podge, glitter (I used Martha Stewart’s superfine glitter), masking tape, a sponge brush, and a paper plate.

First, I taped the shoes up to protect the soles and the twisted band.

Next, mix a teaspoon of glitter with a large amount of Mod Podge.

Just mix the glitter and glue together with the sponge brush.

Apply as many coats as you need, with a 30-minute drying time in between each coat.  I used 3, but touched them up with a fourth.  At the end, wash your brush (or use a new one) and paint a coat of Mod Podge ONLY, over the glitter.  The original tutorial calls for a sealant, but I can’t speak for that either way.  I should probably look into getting one.



All in all, I liked how they turned out – silly, but funky, and great with jeans.  The turquoise is much darker in real life, and since at least half of my wardrobe is turquoise – and the rest coordinates with it – it made me happy to repair these incredibly comfortable shoes with a little bit of color.


  • Mod Podge: $7.50 (with 90% of the bottle left)
  • Superfine Glitter: $7.20 for a 3-pack (different colors) on Amazon (60% of the turquoise bottle left, both other colors remaining)

The only problem is that now I want to glitter over everything.  To the thrift store!  I must rescue more shoes!


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