I *heart* Seattle.

Pioneer Square

My +1 took me to Seattle for my birthday (Nov. 21, in case you ever have a spare diamond tiara to send along), and I got a Real Autumn.  Also, a few extra pounds and a numb face.

Seattle is one of the few cities I feel that I could move to and fit right in.  Aside from my lack of rain boots and the cold weather that hits you like a brick of brisk to the face, I love the scenery, the food/cocktail/microbrew culture, and the fish (!!!).  Sign me up for a vacation home, please.

I’ll never permanently move out of state because I never want to take another Bar exam, but sometimes it’s a tempting thought.

Especially when I imagine having Piroshky Piroshky and Purple Cafe whenever I want.

post alley

More photos from Seattle here.


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