Every lawyer needs some pearls…and apatite

I actually have “lawyer pearls,” or at least what I imagine is the East Coast-approved version of jewelry for a Serious Lawyer.  They were my great-grandmother’s, brought back from Hawaii by my grandfather as a gift.  (Mom has a matching set: her mother’s.  And this is me wearing them, on the day I was sworn in.)

More, after the jump.

But, let’s face it!  I live in California and I can get away with a hell of a lot more – at least when it comes to jewelry and the barest flash of a colored top underneath my boringly-colored suits and tasteful shoes.

So…my Dad bought me these beautiful turquoise apatite beads… and I had some freshwater pearls from a necklace design I came up with at age 8, with my grandma (did I mention Grandma grew up less than a mile from where I ended up living for law school?  No?  Small and awesome world)…

What’s a girl to do, but string up something tasteful and turquoise?  But, of course, I had to funk it up a little with a decorative clasp I found on Etsy.

And that’s what I made.

I love apatite.  It’s naturally clear turquoise (or equally awesome… lime green!).  I love freshwater pearls – they echo the shape of the apatite.  And I love a nice, simple necklace that goes with everything.

Strung on tiger tail and spaced with iridescent clear seed beads.


3 responses to “Every lawyer needs some pearls…and apatite

  1. Love this! You should make and sell jewelry on the side. Like maybe out of your briefcase on the courthouse steps after you win your cases! 🙂

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