99 bottles of air on the wall

"repurposed" tequila bottle on left. I like to pretend it has a purpose at all, other than oooh shiny color pretty object more please.

I have a thing for containers.  It’s a bit of a fetish: no decor in my home will be complete without some sort of container that I don’t actually use for containing things.  Luckily, my mother has the same affliction, so I can blame it on her.  Bad mommy.  Bad.

Things you can do with an awesome, yet empty tequila bottle (the full bottle having been a gift from my uncle): wash it out, take the paint off with acetone nail polish remover, and display it in the window along with all the other pretty empty containers.

I could use it as a vase, I suppose, but that would defeat the non-purpose.  We don’t need no stinkin’ practicality around here.


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