Sour summer fruit, in a bottle

I’ve talked about my Mom’s mega-garden of awesomeness before – basically, if you want fresh produce, she has an abundance.  Every time she visits, I beg for lemons, pomegranates, pluots, nectarines, apples… you name it.

When I hosted my 2010 thanksgiving dinner, Mom was looking to get rid of several bags of her nectarines (frozen, pitted, and neatly packaged in plastic bags) so as to make room in the freezer.  My friend Andrei – also known as The Guy Who Duct-Taped My Oven Door and Saved Thanksgiving – took several bags home to make a sour nectarine beer.

Fast forward to several nights ago, when I finally got to try Mom’s nectarines in a fermented format.  If beer can be considered comforting, this one would be it.  It’s a little strange to have a beer, knowing the highlighted ingredient is from your Mom’s garden, but it’s good: sort of like having Mom bring me her turkey soup.  Only with booze involved.

For those not familiar with sour beer, it can be a bit startling.  Two years ago, I told Andrei to surprise me at a beer bar (deferring to his vast beer knowledge), he asked me if I was adventurous, I said sure, and he came back with a beer that tasted like balsamic vinegar and tart cherries.  To say it was unusual would be an understatement.   This is a far cry from that particular brand of sour, however.

If you like sweet beverages, sours are probably not going to be your thing.  But if you enjoy beer and your sweet tooth has significantly dwindled, this was bright, tart, and refreshing – the perfect starter sour.  My +1, who isn’t normally a beer drinker, enthusiastically declared this “one of the best Andrei has made,” and I would have to agree.  It tastes like tart summer fruit, in a bottle, and I can’t wait for my mom to come visit so she can try the fruits (ha! see what I did there?) of his labors and her garden all in one.


2 responses to “Sour summer fruit, in a bottle

  1. I love sour beers! 🙂 Sounds like your mom definitely has more places for all that excess fruit to go. Into beer making! 😛 I want to try this some time…

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