Thrift Store Find: vintage turquoise pitcher

Thanks to my mother and one of her roadtrips to the Pacific Northwest, I am now the proud owner of this vintage (late 60’s, early 70’s) turquoise glass pitcher.  This came from a thrift shop in Oregon, and cost less than $5.

It’s particularly timely because I was looking for a pitcher of this shape and size a week prior, when Mom asked if I’d like her to keep an eye out for one.  I said yes, because everything I was finding was smaller, $15+, and clear.  (Clear is nice, but turquoise is the best color ever/the color of my apartment, so…)

One thing I have observed about my mother is that she possesses Shopping Magic.  That is, every time I want something, all I have to do is say aloud, “You know, I’m looking for this particular item…” and it will appear at a ridiculous sale price.  This has worked for everything from designer handbags to vintage Barbies to makeup to vodka to houseplants.  It’s inexplicable.  When Mom goes shopping, stores seem to sense it and roll out exactly what we’re looking for, 90% off.  If she lived closer, I’d be broke(r).

So I wasn’t exactly surprised when she called and said she bought it for me–more envious, really.  How do I get the Shopping Magic, dammit?

Thrift stores are a great place to supplement household items or decor with funky statement pieces like this one.  (In my opinion, items made in the 70’s tend to be hideous when you put the olive, gold, and  burnt orange tones together, but on their own, the gold looks great with turquoise, or the orange looks good with white dishes.)  I have plenty of clear glass and silver serving dishes, so when I have a dinner party (and have the time), I like to pull out big colored glass bowls and stands to add some color.  Definitely shabby-student-chic, but it’s fun to be able to mix and match without spending a lot.


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