oh, hi.

After a four (!) year break from blogging, I decided that perhaps I’d like another (well, besides my private livejournal, which I will give up over my cold dead pixelated body).  I’m not the only one with 101 goals to be performed in 1001 days; I’m not the only one who lives in San Francisco, who likes to cook, who went to law school,  who likes to take photos, who has a History BA, who likes to make jewelry, who cross-stitches to relieve stress, who needs a Real Job, or who wants to share another adventure.  Or rather, any of the reasons why I used to love having a blog.  You know – to share a common experience.  (Or to brag about how, like, totally awesome my life is…duuuuuuude.)

I owe credit to Suki, whose blogging about her adventures has inspired me to make my own blog.  Again.

I make absolutely no guarantees or warranties as to the quality of my writing, these days.  Your mileage may vary.  Ask me about microwaving clowns for fun and profit.


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